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Hollins MFA: FAQ

I provided copy, editing, and ongoing updates to the Hollins MFA webpage. Here's an excerpt that will make you want to quit your job, move to a mountain town in Virginia, and get a degree in creative writing.

What is the level of student interaction outside of class?

With an average of twelve students in each MFA class, the graduate writing students generally are a pretty close-knit group, whether they are clustered in the graduate lounge on the third-floor of the English building, catching a movie at the Grandin Theater in downtown Roanoke, or arguing about prose poems while sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch of Main. Of course, you can go off on your own to write—you will, you will—but our sense of community is a key part of the Hollins experience.

What can I expect from campus and the Roanoke area?

Roanoke is a small city of about 250,000 surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s got good coffee shops, farmers’ markets that just won’t quit, a co-op with local organic produce and specialty items, an art-house cinema, a pocket cinema, a new regional art museum, and an active live music and bar scene. The picturesque (yes, it really looks like that) Hollins campus is about fifteen minutes from the downtown area, and just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Trail. (Bring your hiking boots.)

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Hollins MFA Social Media

A selection of social media copy I wrote that never got me in trouble with the University ever, not even once.

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