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Hi! I'm Marta Regn.

I'm a writer, editor, and marketing specialist: a real Swiss Army knife of communication skills. And if I don't have the tool I need, as a passionate autodidact, I'm willing to learn and practice until I can wield it blindfolded. Before I give you the idea that I'm waving knives around, let me tell you what I mean to say; I'm multi-faceted and motivated. 

You can download my resume here. Below is the long version of my professional experience, but I like to front-load the fun stuff. I'm an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. When I'm not turning phrases and sending my work to literary magazines with reckless confidence, I'm teaching yoga, voraciously and omniverously reading, skimming Wikipedia, hiking up hills, sleeping outside, gawking at the moon, and wondering about the private lives of animals. 

After completing my undergraduate studies in 2019 with a degree in Business Administration, Writing, and Environmental Studies, I got my start in media planning at one of the most awarded agencies in the industry, Mediahub Worldwide. As an assistant planner, I learned quickly, rose in the ranks, and managed the day-to-day functioning of several campaigns with combined ad-spends of more than $15 million. The role afforded me a foundational understanding of advertising platforms and performance marketing.


I soon realized I had a knack for research and strategy, and I enjoyed the creativity that went into crafting bespoke communications plans for clients. Guided by my passion for people and compulsion for eavesdropping, I made a lateral move to MH's audience insights team. I immersed myself in consumer culture, explored industry trends, and engineered communications strategies informed by big-picture narratives and nitty-gritty data. I supported Lyft as they tapped into multi-mobility trends popular with urban progressives. I pointed Morgan Stanley to trends in environmentally-conscious luxury shopping. I fielded surveys for E*Trade, guiding them to the niche world of young, scrappy futures traders. And I provided Chipotle with compelling evidence of the plant-based revolution. 

Though working with MH was challenging and expansive, I realized all of my free time was spent writing stories or walking in the woods, and I decided to pursue my passions for creative writing and environmentalism. In 2022, I returned to school at Hollins University's Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program, where I received a fellowship and graduate assistantship. For the past two years, I've focused on writing that communicates the urgency of the climate crisis and encourages human connection with nature. Currently, I'm at work on a creative thesis that explores the concept of biomimicry and demonstrates the importance of storytelling in climate advocacy work.


In the summer of 2023, I began to synthesize my skills in marketing, writing, and environmentalism while serving as Content Marketing Intern for the World Wildlife Fund's travel team. As I wrote and edited content across various platforms, it was affirmed just how important it is to me that the work I do offers a creative challenge and aligns with my values. 

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